Monthly Archives: June 2012

A new movement for bands and fans

“I’m just a journalist who loves bands and wants them to keep being bands.” – David Greenwald David Greenwald, L.A. critic, journalist and founder of, launched a movement calling for fans and bands to work together so everyone gets something. He posted “The Reasonable Person’s Guide to Supporting Music/The Reasonable Band’s Guide to Selling It” […]

I Did Own Music To Begin With

In one day, NPR intern Emily White transformed from a college student into a viral sensation/ scapegoat/ hero for admitting she only purchased 15 CDs in her lifetime but managed to build an iTunes library of more than 11,000 songs. White’s article, “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With,” ignited a music industry saga […]

Pop music and ageism

“It made me want to ask a question that, like those twin impulses of adolescence itself, is both facetious and sincere: am I too old for pop? He kindly obliged via email. After joking that I was ‘certainly too old to be a music journalist – they generally peak in their early teens’, he went […]

Happy Birthday Prince

I’m not a huge Prince fan, though I definitely appreciate his art and his influence. I love some of his songs, but this one, will always remain my favorite.

The Walkmen “Heaven” Review

Here is my review of The Walkmen’s “Heaven.” This is my first freelance review for Paste magazine and I hope to do many more for them. Look for it in the Paste mPlayer next Tuesday.