I’m a multimedia who produces clear and compelling content through skilled research and reporting. I’m passionate about using journalism to learn about people and our world and sharing that information in various storytelling forms. I’m currently working as and arts and culture freelance writer for several publications, including Paste and Relix magazines. I received my M.A. in Arts Journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. I served as an editorial intern for International Musician, the official journal of the American Federation of Musicians in 2010. Before joining the Goldring Arts Journalism program at Syracuse, I worked three years as a community editor at a newspaper in Northeast Tennessee, freelanced for regional magazines and interned at Atlanta magazine. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media. I’m also interested in film and have a minor in a cinema studies. In addition to music and cinema, I am obsessed with pop culture, tennis (a Fed Fan Forever), and all things Irish. I’m currently a professional nomad. I’m proud to be a Tennessee girl, but looking for adventure in a new city–my only criteria for this future place is that it hosts a lot of concerts.

Contact . . .

EMAIL: samccarty@gmail.com
TWITTER: @samccarty115
TUMBLR: samccarty.tumblr.com

What they’re saying about me . . .

SUPER EDITOR: “Sarah McCarty is a super editor—engaged, energetic and wonderful to work with. She is up on the latest technologies and social media, and cares a great deal about culture and news. She is a welcome addition to any group, as she is caring and generous, and she would be an asset in any newsroom. And she’s fun and funny! Highly recommended!” –Johanna Keller, Arts Journalist, Professor, Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School

EXCELLENT WRITING: “Sarah interned for me at Bentley-Hall, Inc., publisher of Making Music and International Musician magazines. She quickly adapted to the style of our publications and wrote a number of articles during her internship based on her research and interviews. Her writing was excellent and she is hardworking. We enjoyed working with her.” – Cherie Yurco, Editorial Director at Bentley-Hall, Inc 

LOVES A CHALLENGE: “Sarah loves a challenge, and was proactive in finding stories. She didn’t wait for others to tell her what to do. She has the talent to go far in journalism.” – Stephanie Harvin, The Post and Courier 

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  1. Looks like we come to blogging from the same background! Thanks for following.

    1. No problem. Ran across your blog and thought it looked interesting. We seem to also have some similar taste in music and film. I’d love to read your thesis on 2001. Did you ever post it to your site?

      1. It’s a 100-page monster (though I probably have posts that long!). I may do something with it, but it’s a rather banal very close look at things like character-development within the film (then how there is no main character). It feels like I was stating the obvious.

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