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Pop music and ageism

“It made me want to ask a question that, like those twin impulses of adolescence itself, is both facetious and sincere: am I too old for pop? He kindly obliged via email. After joking that I was ‘certainly too old to be a music journalist – they generally peak in their early teens’, he went […]


Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

To commemorate Bob Dylan’s birthday today, here’s one of my favorite Dylan songs.  

Playlist of the Week: Levon Helm

Playlist: Levon Helm’s Finest Moments Created by: Rolling Stone In honor of Levon Helm, who passed away Thursday, Rolling Stone created a playlist featuring  some of his finest moments. Helm, the singer and drummer for The Band, was remembered this week by his peers, music fans, contemporary artists and publications. Hidden Track compiled sentiments from […]