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The Concert Tee: Memories threaded in a shirt

Pictures. Ticket stubs. Cell-phone videos. There are many ways to remember an epic concert, but one of my personal favorites is the concert t-shirt. According to Paste magazine, which just published 16 musicians’ reflections on their first concert t-shirts, the concert t-shirt is king. There is actually a wikipedia page on concert t-shirts, which claims […]

Other Voices music festival in Ireland celebrates 10 years

The big news in music festivals for 2011 was the 10th anniversary of Bonnaroo. But, another music festival also celebrated 10 years this past weekend—the Other Voices music festival in Ireland. Trade in the hippies and sun-soaked Tennessee farmland of Bonnaroo for fishermen, a 200-year-old church and a small Irish village that juts out into […]