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Favorite Albums of 2015

12. Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool It also feels like an album that’s been allowed time to gestate: despite being virtually veteran in buzzband terms, they have benefitted from beefing up their sound on tour – as evidenced on the heavy romance of Your Loves Whore, the dirty degenerate chug of You’re a […]

Favorite Songs of 2015

12. Girlpool – “Crowded Stranger” spotify:track:0Nm6y7XLVIjEIftxL9pJS7 11. Matthew E. White – “Take Care My Baby” spotify:track:5em113swI4OcJz8TIajJ2N 10. Empress Of – “Kitty Kat” spotify:track:4ZoAPJWstmmq0dtKmeI8fK 09. Courtney Barnett – “Depreston” spotify:track:4bEoMybiLPYgavb9CsvxF9 08. Tame Impala – “Let It Happen” spotify:track:2X485T9Z5Ly0xyaghN73ed 07. Nicole DOllanganger – “You’re So Cool” spotify:track:6cZvpqGxdv9uecOw4chV7H 06. Colleen Green – “Deeper Than Love” spotify:track:5tlsX4W0cdn8oFtASNPUkK 05. Wet […]