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The Walkmen debut new song

The Walkmen are set to release their sixth album (not counting the covers album they did) June 5. They recently played “Heaven,” the title track from the album, on an episode of “+1” for Pitchfork.tv on YouTube. Before the performance, band members Pete Bauer and Hamilton Leithauser reminisced about an old rehearsal space in Philadelphia, […]

New Song Saturday: Going to the carnival with “Allison”

Allison – Pepper Rabbit from The Wild Honey Pie on Vimeo. Pepper Rabbit’s “Allison” opens with a carnival-like piano melody that repeats throughout the track. Xander Singh’s wistful lyrics assert that his unrequited love will know his name. The song’s whimsy and slightly stalkersish theme create a pleasant pairing. The song is off of the […]