Spinner devotes new site to dance music

Dance music is ubiquitous. The Atlantic highlighted house music as one of 2011’s musical trends, saying “Pop music’s backbeat of the moment isn’t the boom-bap of hip hop or the mid-tempo thud of disco; rather, it’s the jacked-up untz-untz and hissing high hats of Euro clubs and desert raves.”

Pollstar editor Gary Bongiovanni told USA Today, “When you’re selling out stadiums and making $100,000 in ticket sales, you can’t really call electronica underground anymore.”

Not only are DJs filling the role of rockstar, but electronic music festivals invaded the country this summer. NPR reported that 80,000 fans attended the three-day Electric Zoo festival in New York, and 230,000 people flooded the grounds at Las Vegas’ The Electric Daisy Carnival.

Now, AOL Huffington Post-owned music website Spinner.com hopes to capitalize on the growing popularity of electronica dance music by launching a new site, Spinner RPM.

Spinner RPM aims to break news, premiere new songs and videos, and feature interviews with electronic artists and influential DJs. There will also be ticket giveaways, free downloads, full-album listening parties and other features Spinner already includes. Check it out: http://www.spinner.com/category/rpm/.


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