Bob Marley: An outsider with influence

Bob Marley—an artist who garnered followers throughout the world, inspired millions of fans and influenced the world on politics, religion, international relations and human rights—felt like an outsider. At least, that’s one of the stories Kevin Macdonald, who directed The Last King of Scotland, tells in his upcoming documentary of Marley.

Macdonald told The Guardian Marley’s biracial biology (he’s father was white) left him feeling like an outsider in his village in Jamaica, which led Marley to search for his identity through the Rastafari movement.

“… I think that was a key to his psychology and to the music. He was always the outsider, and he found a way in his life and music to redeem that fact,” Macdonald said.

For more information about the documentary, which is due out April 20, and how Macdonald pieced together a story of Marley with scarce footage or photography from his formative years, read The Guardian article and this New York Times piece.


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  1. Absolutely loved the Kevin MacDonald film. Best music documentary since Scorsese’s flick on George Harrison.

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