An unexpected side-effect from “Call Me Maybe” mania

Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” mania continues to sweep the nation. Just today I saw various light-hearted covers, attack articles and parody videos. I admit I didn’t really pay much attention to the song until yesterday after Los Angeles critic David Greenwald, founder of Rawkblog, posted a version of the song to his tumblr page.

I listened to the version a few times straight through and all of the sudden, every time I heard her repeat “I missed ya so bad” toward the end of the track, all I could hear was a faint reminder of another song—but not a whole song, just a few seconds from a song. I played the section of Jepsen’s song three times in a row and then it hit me—Dashboard Confessional. Something about Jepsen’s repetitive “so bad” took me back to Chris Carrabba  wailing “It hurts me so much/ It hurts me so much/ It hurts me sooooooooo much” in the last 20 seconds of the band’s version of “Jamie,” originally by Weezer.

I’ve never been a huge Dashboard Confessional fan, but their version of “Jamie” always stuck with me. It’s so ingrained in my brain that it didn’t take long for me to extract what distant song from nearly a decade ago I was remembering. I have been known to spend more than an hour searching for a song buried in the trenches of my mind. It strikes me weird how three seconds of one song can remind you of three seconds of another completely random song lost inside your memory—which is why 10 years from now, whether or not I like Jepsen’s hit, I won’t be surprised at all if some piece of music makes me recall the phenomenon of “Call Me Maybe.”


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