Cold Specks – Heartbreaking Soul

I first posted about Cold Specks almost one year ago, and since then I pitched and wrote a feature on the band and Al Spx (the essence of the band). The feature was just published in Paste’s digital magazine the mPlayer as part of its Best of What’s Next issue.

From the article: “You can hear the doom on “Holland.” Deep cello lines open the track and looming drumbeats cut in two- thirds of the way through, casting a dark shadow. But it also calls to mind an old spiritual, a result of Spx drawing on the sounds of the Deep South. Elsewhere on the album she embodies the authenticity of soul music and employs its gospel roots. The stark arrangements often build with choirs and string or horn sections backing up her soulful rasp, creating a sense of comfort and hope. Spx’s songs are simultaneously traditional and modern, forceful and delicate, heartbreaking and soul lifting.”

Read the full piece here.


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