Sky Ferreira: “I am not a brand”

“I played all of these CMJ shows and people are already ready to have their knives up. They’re like ‘oh she’s totally fake.’ As if automatically because I did pop music before, I’m fake. It took me the certain amount of time to get some attention or find the songs I wanted to be singing. Then I’m man-made and its all the people working with me and I had no input. That’s complete bullshit, but whatever. ” – Sky Ferreira

This is a must-read interview with Ferreira in The Phoenix. This quote reeks of Lana Del Rey criticism, which I found interesting because the first time I saw the video of “Everything is Embarrassing” (which was named Song of the Year by New York Magazine) I thought of Del Rey. I’m not exactly sure why…maybe because they do share a similar look, and there is a bit of a similar aesthetic and simplicity of both Ferreira’s video and Del Rey’s video for “Blue Jeans.” Ferreira has a lot of other great quotes on image and the industry and gender in music other aspects of being a musician in 2012.

“I’m not doing anything that needs an explanation. ‘Why is your video black and white, why are you on a playground?’ If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. I shouldn’t have to explain this 50 times. I shouldn’t have to explain why my hair looks a certain way. It’s so stupid and has nothing to do with anything important.  Or anything to do with music at all.”





  1. Scans as “Please take me seriously” – videos have nothing to do with music either. My turn-off with Sky was the photobombing with Grimes. She’s very strategically shifting her footprint, whether it’s her or her “people”.

  2. […] Sky Ferreira: “I am not a brand” ( […]

  3. […] Sky Ferreira: “I am not a brand” ( […]

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