Haim rocks.

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My latest article for Paste Magazines mPlayer on the L.A. band Haim. These girls were fun and hilarious in the interview. Here’s a snippet from the article:

“When you’re 13 in L.A. it’s the best year in your life cause you get to go to a bar mitzvah or two every weekend and you go party really hard, as hard as you can party as a 13 year old,” Este says. “We were just really inspired by that whole music vibe.”

Haim translates that party vibe to the stage. They have the soul of R&B and the ethos of a jamband—it’s all about the live show.

For the full article, click Haim – The Best of What’s Next – PASTE.COM.


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  1. […] I imagined it to be based on what I’ve read about them and heard from them during my interview for Paste. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a band this much. Love […]

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