The band behind My feature on one of the best bands right now

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 6.37.38 PMHere’s my latest article for Paste, a feature on Massachusetts trio Wet.

I first saw Wet perform in 2013 at the Orange Peel in Asheville. I was transfixed. I started following the group and got the chance to interview them almost two years later when they visited the Orange Peel again, this time for a show ahead of the band’s full length debut.

Here’s a bit about the music from the article:

Like a lot of bands in 2015, Wet pulls from a variety of genres. You can hear R&B, indie rock, and folk influences on the EP. They’ve been compared to The xx and Solange as well as a mashup of Haim and Chvrches. Of course, none of those descriptions gets at exactly what this band does.

Wet is painfully earnest. The music and production create a sense of intimate space, and with Zutrau’s forward vocals, it’s like it’s just you and her—an effect mirrored in the live shows with her piercing intensity.

“One message that we’ve tried to put out through the music and interviews and in our visuals and through Twitter and Instagram is that we’re really earnest and genuine and we’re just like trying really hard to make something that we care about and we think is good,” Zutrau says.

The band members also revealed their sense of humor, talking about their genius website and their affinity for sweatshirts.

Read the full article here: and be sure to check out the music.


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