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When we get personal with music

“I know how to let the voices and hums and rhythms reverberate in dark moments and in the memories that follow them, the musicians serving as unwitting narrators to a life they have not witnessed.” – Alana Massey in “Songs I Mourned Men To” for Brooklyn Magazine Sometimes fans are wrong. Sometimes we may love […]

Belated list of my favorite albums from 2013

Okay, so yeah, it’s March and I’m just now posting my favorite albums of 2013. My fulltime job really gets in the way of this blog. Anyway, here is the list, and I hope to find some time to write some blurbs on each on album eventually. 1. Haim – Days Are Gone 2. Waxahatchee […]

Sharing musical tastes online to construct identity

“. . . kickstarter users can create profile pages that list all  the campaigns they’ve contributed to. isn’t it weird that no other web platforms that allow you to pay real world money for music allow you to do this? people voluntarily spend so much of their time trying to broadcast their taste in music […]

New Song Saturday: Waking up with “Under Evergreen”

Shelby Earl – “Under Evergreen” A few days ago pop critic Ann Powers sent out a tweet encouraging followers to check out the debut album of Shelby Earl, a singer-songwriter from Seattle. I’m glad I read that tweet. Earl’s song “Under Evergreen” immediately hit me. I played it at least five times in a row. Powers […]

Is Bloc Party partying without Kele Okereke?

British rock band Bloc Party thrilled fans last Christmas when a TwitPic showed the band (plus an adorable puppy) back together after a hiatus. More good news followed earlier this year in April when NME and The Guardian confirmed the guys were working on their fourth album. However, lead singer Kele Okereke now says he has no […]

Video Games and Diet Mountain Dew never sounded so good

Lana. del. Rey. If you haven’t heard of her yet, I’m surprised. Her real name is Lizzy Grant. These days, her singer/songwriter moniker ‘Lana del Rey’ floods the latest music blogs, websites and publications from Stereogum to MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog. She calls herself a “Gangster Nancy Sinatra.” Listening to “Kinda Outta Luck,” the comparison makes […]

Tennis Music (and not the band Tennis)

Earlier today, ceo (Eric Berglund of Swedish duo the Tough Alliance) released his ode to tennis player Maria Sharapova in the form of a track sampling Blondie’s “Marie” and last week with a video where the camera stalks the tennis beauty between the lines and under the lights of the court. The new song surfaced […]