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Music by Chance: Edie Brickell, Windows 95, and Music Discovery

In 1995 I was 11 years old. I was just beginning to realize the power of music in my life. I had never heard the phrase “music discovery.” My musical landscape consisted of radio stations and cassette tapes my mother chose to play. I never knew what it was like to discover a song for […]

I Did Own Music To Begin With

In one day, NPR intern Emily White transformed from a college student into a viral sensation/ scapegoat/ hero for admitting she only purchased 15 CDs in her lifetime but managed to build an iTunes library of more than 11,000 songs. White’s article, “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With,” ignited a music industry saga […]

Are albums and playlist culture mutually exclusive?

Listening to my “Songs of 2011” Spotify playlist (yes, a boring title, but incredibly accurate and descriptive), I appreciate the range. It includes summer dance hits such as Phantogram’s “Don’t Move,” Class Actress’ “The Weekend” and M83’s “Midnight City” along with melancholy tracks such as EMA’s “California” and Cold Specks’ “Holland.” It also features high-energy […]

Is music too social?

Music is social. It always has been. But is the communal and collective aspect of music overwhelming our personal connection to it? Last night, the very first award presented on the 2012 Billboard Music Awards broadcast celebrated the Top Social Artist. Justin Bieber nabbed the award, beating out Shakira, Eminem, Rihanna and Lady GaGa (who […]

Playlist of the Week: Adam Yauch

Playlist: The Essential Beastie Boys Created by: TheSouce.com In honor of Adam “MCA” Yauch, who lost his battle with cancer Friday,  TheSouce.com created this playlist for the Beastie Boy. Link: http://open.spotify.com/user/1222715213/playlist/73ljxoasEvR3IhLDJsXpuU

Playlist of the Week: Levon Helm

Playlist: Levon Helm’s Finest Moments Created by: Rolling Stone In honor of Levon Helm, who passed away Thursday, Rolling Stone created a playlist featuring  some of his finest moments. Helm, the singer and drummer for The Band, was remembered this week by his peers, music fans, contemporary artists and publications. Hidden Track compiled sentiments from […]

Playlist of the Week: Coachella

Playlist: The Complete Coachella Playlist Created by: Fuse Tv The featured playlist for this week, which is bookended by Coachella’s two weekends, features almost every band performing at the festival. Fuse TV‘s list runs nine hours long. Whether you just attended Coachella’s first weekend and want to relive it, are curious about the bands you […]

Playlist of the Week

Playlist: Easter – 20 Musical Takes on Jesus Created by: Ann Powers, pop critic at NPR Weather you celebrate Easter with colored eggs and bunnies, as a religious holiday honoring the resurrection of Jesus, or not even at all, you must check out this playlist. Artists often address spirituality and religion in their music, and […]

Spotify charts history of music

To Timeline or not to Timeline? That has been the question for several Facebook users since the site introduced its new format last year. However, businesses don’t have a choice anymore. Facebook announced that all business pages must be converted to the Timeline format by today. Some companies expressed concerns and frustrations, while others embraced […]