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Haim in Paradise

At this point, Haim is one of the buzz-iest bands around, but they deserve the hype. I’ve been listening to these three sisters and their drummer friend for more than one year now, and I was super stoked to finally get the chance to see them live when my vacation to Boston coincided with the […]

Sharing musical tastes online to construct identity

“. . . kickstarter users can create profile pages that list all  the campaigns they’ve contributed to. isn’t it weird that no other web platforms that allow you to pay real world money for music allow you to do this? people voluntarily spend so much of their time trying to broadcast their taste in music […]

Music by Chance: Edie Brickell, Windows 95, and Music Discovery

In 1995 I was 11 years old. I was just beginning to realize the power of music in my life. I had never heard the phrase “music discovery.” My musical landscape consisted of radio stations and cassette tapes my mother chose to play. I never knew what it was like to discover a song for […]

Richie Havens

A lot of talented and influential people have passed away recently, but I think Richie Havens death affects me most. I wish I had been able to see him live. My two favorite songs of his are the inspirational Woodstock performance in 1969 and the collaboration he did 31 years later with Groove Armada. According […]

Paul Williams: The Godfather of Rock Criticism

Rock criticism has been around since before I was born. I thank Paul Williams for that. Rock criticism splices together my two passions, writing and music. Throughout the years, what I want to do with those passions has evolved and opened new doors. I occasionally critique albums or songs (and sometimes write reviews), but I […]

Art in Public and Private

“Fandom has always been this interplay between the public and private, between the self-conscious broadcasts of band t-shirts and the quiet, devotional headphone moments.” – Lindsay Zoladz Zoladz recently wrote a piece for Pitchfork on Judee Sill and digital memorials for celebrities. She goes on to say: “And whatever a ‘virtual cemetery experience’ is, Find […]

Haim rocks.

My latest article for Paste Magazines mPlayer on the L.A. band Haim. These girls were fun and hilarious in the interview. Here’s a snippet from the article: “When you’re 13 in L.A. it’s the best year in your life cause you get to go to a bar mitzvah or two every weekend and you go […]

Identity and Individualism in Music

“…music and identity are always, however uncomfortably for some, joined at the hip.”   – Jason King Jason King, music journalist and associate professor at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, recently participated in Slate’s Music Club 2012 series with several other critics to discuss the past year in pop music. His last […]

Songs I loved in 2012

I listened to a lot of music this year, but not as much as I wanted. Here is a list of songs I did hear and absolutely loved… and played over and over all year. (Also, because I was replaying these songs so much, there are a lot of great albums I haven’t devoted time […]

The problem with barriers

SHALLOW REWARDS // 19 THE HIDING from Shallow Rewards on Vimeo. I’ve been meaning to comment on this Chris Ott/Shallow Rewards video The Hiding for a while, but since starting a full-time job I struggle to find the time for the stuff I really love. Initially I wanted to write a more thought-out response and […]