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Sky Ferreira: “I am not a brand”

“I played all of these CMJ shows and people are already ready to have their knives up. They’re like ‘oh she’s totally fake.’ As if automatically because I did pop music before, I’m fake. It took me the certain amount of time to get some attention or find the songs I wanted to be singing. […]

An Artist’s Commentary

I’ve been listening to The Origin of Love, the new Mika album, on Spotify (if I decide I really like it, I’ll buy the CD). But, what’s interesting is the bonus version that has commentary for all the tracks. At first, I was in love with this idea. One of the things that fascinates me […]

This is a warning: Play On

Cold Specks – Heartbreaking Soul

I first posted about Cold Specks almost one year ago, and since then I pitched and wrote a feature on the band and Al Spx (the essence of the band). The feature was just published in Paste’s digital magazine the mPlayer as part of its Best of What’s Next issue. From the article: “You can […]

Your Ability to Dance: An Ode to Tennessee

Yesterday was a momentous occasion in Bristol, Tenn. British breakthrough band Mumford & Sons turned the city into a mustache-plastered music festival for one day when it chose Bristol as one of seven destinations from around the globe for its Gentlemen of the Road Stopover shows. And they rekindled my pride as a Tennessean. “One of the […]

The good, the bad and the confusing: My Day in Music

Today my Twitter feed was rife with music stories. Tom Waits, Justin Timberlake and Mumford & Sons all made a splash, some even becoming trending topics. Also, the xx released another new song and Karmin’s Amy Heidemann won an appearance on Rolling Stone’s upcoming Women Who Rock issue. Here are my thoughts on these topics. […]

The transforming experience of Jerry Garcia

“That’s what music should do at it’s best—it should be a transforming experience. The finest, the highest, the best music has that quality of transporting you to other levels of consciousness.” – Jerry Garcia I’ve always been a fan of the Grateful Dead, but it was only after my internship at Relix magazine (which began […]

Seriously cool

A passage through rock ‘n roll history in 100 riffs, 12 minutes, 1 single take: Awesome. Although, I do wish the Pixies showed up . I discovered this on Explore (edited by Maria Popova). For a complete list of riffs click here.

A new movement for bands and fans

“I’m just a journalist who loves bands and wants them to keep being bands.” – David Greenwald David Greenwald, L.A. critic, journalist and founder of, launched a movement calling for fans and bands to work together so everyone gets something. He posted “The Reasonable Person’s Guide to Supporting Music/The Reasonable Band’s Guide to Selling It” […]

I Did Own Music To Begin With

In one day, NPR intern Emily White transformed from a college student into a viral sensation/ scapegoat/ hero for admitting she only purchased 15 CDs in her lifetime but managed to build an iTunes library of more than 11,000 songs. White’s article, “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With,” ignited a music industry saga […]