Jimmy Fallon’s E Street Shuffle Shindig

Jimmy Fallon dedicated this past week to Bruce Springsteen, leading up to the release of Springsteen’s latest album Wrecking Ball as well as celebrating Fallon’s third anniversary as a late-night host on NBC.

Throughout the years, Fallon’s penchant for musical impressions and parodies with famous artists has garnered laughs and acclaim. Fallon and Springsteen took it to a new level with their rendition of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”—Springsteen as a slightly exaggerated young version of himself and Fallon bringing back his excellent Neil Young imitation.

After performing songs off the new album and sitting down for interview, The Boss took the stage with the E Street Band, Tom Morello, The Roots and Fallon (who looked liked he was living out a lifelong dream) to perform “The E Street Shuffle.”

With dozens of musicians jamming out together, the performance turned into a party and the highlight of Springsteen Week. I especially loved the back-and-forth camera shots between Max Weinberg and ?uestlove – two of my favorite drummers.


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