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The Fiat Effect: J. Lo’s Blatant Product Placement

Jennifer Lopez was upstaged at the American Music Awards Sunday night. By a car. But this wasn’t just any car. It was a Fiat 500. The same Fiat featured in her “Papi” video. The same Fiat in the 30-second trailer promoting that video.  The same Fiat she endorses in commercials. (btw, I mention Fiat in […]


Rapper Heavy D dies at 44

Dwight Errington Myers aka Heavy D, influential rapper and frontman of hip-hop group Heavy D & the Boyz, died yesterday at the age of 44. Reports indicate his sudden death was due to complications resulting from pneumonia. The New York Times obituary details the importance of Myers, who played a major role in hip-hop during […]

The Power of Music: Occupy Wall Street conjures up thoughts on protest music

Since the Occupy Wall Street Protest started, several articles regarding protest music have popped up–from musicians who visit the protest (or don’t visit) to potential protest songs to the other sounds surrounding the movement. All these stories looked to the past. One of the more encompassing articles was published in the New York Times. It illustrates […]

New website adds twist to music discovery

The Internet gave music nerds access. The digitization of music revolutionized how we listen to music, how we share music, how we buy music (or not buy music) and how we find music. These days, it seems like it’s all about finding new music. It’s about discovery—and access to vast amounts of music via the […]

Spinner devotes new site to dance music

Dance music is ubiquitous. The Atlantic highlighted house music as one of 2011’s musical trends, saying “Pop music’s backbeat of the moment isn’t the boom-bap of hip hop or the mid-tempo thud of disco; rather, it’s the jacked-up untz-untz and hissing high hats of Euro clubs and desert raves.” Pollstar editor Gary Bongiovanni told USA […]

The Features nab spot on upcoming Twilight soundtrack

Indie rock band The Features have flirted with success for more than 15 years. Now, they may finally breakthrough to major pop success—that is, if they win over the twi-hard fans who will hear one of the band’s songs on the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Formed in the early 90s, the Tennessee rockers […]

The Black Keys to release new album

Pre-orders for alternative rock band The Black Keys’ seventh album, El Camino, begin today. Nonesuch Records made the announcement (complete with the Funny or Die video above) that the band’s latest album is due out December 6, with the first single, “Lonely Boy,” premiering October 26. Black Keys members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney worked with prolific […]

Andrew W.K. offers party tips for CMJ Marathon

Andrew W.K. wants you to party hard at CMJ this year. The 2011 music and film festival invades New York City next week with more than 1,300 artist performances and dozens of films. Famous musician and party animal W.K. prepares festival attendees for the event with a video offering tips, including the most entertaining way to hail […]

MySpace rebrands itself as music destination

As a social networking site, MySpace failed. But, CEO Tim Vanderhook says the site can reclaim its role as a powerful player in the online music world. In an interview with Billboard, Vanderhook said, “Nobody has the relationships we have with the four major labels, the catalog of 25,000 independent artists and 42 million songs. […]

Bloc Party to audition new singers

UPDATE: According to and Bloc Party’s website, even though three out of the four members of the band are recording new music and auditioning singers, Bloc Party is “still Bloc party.” Billboard reports, “The band has denied any major lineup changes, posting an update titled ‘Bloc Party is still Bloc Party’ on its official website that […]